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A mobility scooter is an investment that can enhance one's quality of life for years, provided that it is properly cleaned and maintained. Batteries and tires are wear items that need to be replaced periodically to have your scooter working at peak performance.

We recommend an annual checkup that includes inspection of your battery, wheels, bearings, tires, and controls. This is particularly important if your scooter is still under warranty, as any faulty parts may be replaced while you still have such coverage.

If you are already experiencing problems, our technicians can typically diagnose and repair your scooter in a very short turnaround time.

You can bring your scooter in to our store in Sidney B.C. any time during operating hours if that is convenient, or you can call 1-855-636-5705 to arrange for a mobile service technician to visit you at your home and get your scooter back to top-notch operation. Mobile service is limited to Vancouver Island from Parksville south, and an area within 100 kilometers of the Calgary city limits. Service can be received outside of that area, but there will be a travel charge included in your repair bill.

Note that more complex problems, such as electrical shorts, may require us to bring your scooter back to our service center to perform the repairs. If this will be a problem for you, we can also arrange to bring you a temporary scooter while yours is being repaired. This may entail an additional charge.

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